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In-Line Equipment

High precision optical automatic inspection equipment (DV-300)

Products tested: 3D composite materials/glass covers/metal products
Inspection content: inspection of mobile phone cover shape / hole size / position degree
Measuring method: manual loading and unloading, step-by-step and quick inspection

Project Requirement Performance Indicators Detection Advantage Equipment Capability Video Presentation

1) Image processor: dual-core CPU, 4G memory, 1TG hard disk, 21" LCD monitor
(2) Samson dispersion confocal detection software V1.0 (online real-time data collection, tolerance free setting, automatic judgment OK/NG), SAM motion control software V1.0 set
(3) CCD camera set (need to increase the spectrum can be configured according to customer requirements)
4) A set of DV-300 series testing equipment (including chassis, precision parts, etc.)
(5) a brand of electronic components (machine vision special LED light source, special telecentric lens, anti-distortion, control system, etc.)
6)High-precision non-standard customized jig