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Dry film wet film thickness online measurement

Date:2020-06-04 Source:Samsun Technology

Especially in the semiconductor industry, the coating thickness is related to the control of tolerances, as well as the control of the quantity of material costs, especially some rare metals such as gold, platinum, etc. The use of spectral confocal sensors, online measurement and monitoring, real-time control, whether it is the wet film production process, or the finished dry film quality control.

Relationship between wet film thickness and dry film thickness: wet film thickness = (required dry film thickness / volume percentage of coating solids) * (100% + percentage of thinner added).

Note: The percentage of solids in the paint can be determined according to the parameters of the paint used.

Dry film wet film thickness online

Spectral confocal ultra-high sampling frequency, 10,000 points/s, well suited to in-line production measurements.

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