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Glass base plate thickness measurement

Date:2020-06-04 Source:Samsun Technology

In the glass manufacturing industry, the thickness dimensions of the glass are strictly controlled, using traditional contact or laser inspection methods, subject to the principle image, not only slow efficiency, but also cause secondary damage

 Glass base plate thickness

Using spectral confocal measurement technology, the thickness of the glass and the height of the upper and lower surfaces can be directly output, the highest sampling frequency can reach 2000HZ/S, suitable for large-scale online inspection

Measure glass thickness from 5μm to 34000μm, and measure thickness and flatness at the same time

Basically covers the majority of glass thicknesses used in industry

 Glass base plate thickness

Glass thickness value = displacement 2 - displacement 1

 Glass base plate thickness

Glass thickness measurement

 Glass base plate thickness

Measured value of 14,649μm

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