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Measurement of precision ceramic parts

Date:2020-06-05 Source:Samsun Technology

Our ceramic products are made of zirconia ceramics (ZrO2), alumina ceramics (Al2O3), silicon nitride ceramics (Si3N4) and microcrystalline glass ceramics. They are used for precision ceramic structural parts for the main industries and related civil ceramic structural parts, as well as ceramic raw materials such as ceramic rods, rings, tubes, sleeves, plates, blocks and strips. The main characteristics of zirconia ceramics are: high strength, high fracture toughness, high hardness and density, stability, resistance to wear, corrosion and high temperature.

Measurement of precision ceramic

Zirconia ceramic applications: ultra-fine grinding equipment, fine chemicals, electronic slurries, semiconductors, new energy, new nano materials, medical pumps, high pressure water pumps, high pressure injection machines, high pressure water cutting machines, lithium battery pumps, metering pumps, precision casting, structural ceramics, refractory materials, electronic communications, sensitive ceramics, petrochemicals, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, fiber optic connectors, battery materials and various other high precision fields.

The ceramic uses modern engineering ceramic materials super hard wear resistance, can be assembled and shaped using ceramic metallization bonding, welding, inlay and socketing techniques. It is an ideal alternative to similar metal pumps and is now widely used in the pharmaceutical apparatus, environmental engineering, petroleum, chemical and other industries.

Measurement of precision ceramic

The entire set-up area is scanned by means of high-precision stage movements, and after obtaining the point cloud data, the height and surface topography defects are analysed.

Measurement of precision ceramic


Cross-sectional profile analysis

Measurement of precision ceramic

Ceramic Surface Profile

Measurement of precision ceramic


3D surface profile, intercepting interface contours to analyse dimensional information such as height

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